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When you do attend your scheduled appointment please note the following:

  • UPON ARRIVAL IN OUR PARKING LOT PLEASE TEXT (360) 739-9366 TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE HERE. WE WILL THEN TEXT YOU TO LET YOU KNOW IT IS OK TO COME INTO THE OFFICE TO CHECK IN AND START YOUR TEST. No more than 6 people including employees can be in our office at anyone time.
  • We ask that you sanitize your hands upon entering our office
  • Our waiting room and restroom will be closed.
  • Please have those accompanying you while testing to wait outside.
  • UP TO 3 knowledge exams will happen at a time, due to social distancing.
  • All clients and customers are required to wear a face covering. If you do not have one we have some available for purchase in our office for $5.
  • During in car testing rear windows will be required to be down a minimum of 3 inches to help circulate air. The air re-circulation feature must be turned off.
  • ALL DRIVE SKILLS EXAMS WILL BE DONE IN A NELSON DRIVING SCHOOL VEHICLE AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO YOU. IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR EXAM DONE IN YOUR OWN CAR PLEASE SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT DURING PHASE 4 OF THE STATE REOPENING PLAN. We have made the decision to do drive testing in our cars due to the fact we have to sanitize cars between clients. We do not want to risk damaging your vehicle with cleaning products. If you have an Ignition interlock device you will need to let us know. Having a device requires you to test in your vehicle.
  • No refunds will be given for missed appointments.

Please be patient with staff as we sanitize areas in our office and cars between clients.

If you show signs of illness you will be asked to leave and come back once you are feeling better.


WA State​Testing by appointment