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​If a class is not listed as a choice on the registration page that means the class is full. 

If the class you are wanting to enroll in is full you can sign up for the wait-list.

What License Express on DOL webpage looks like

Prior to July 1, 2018 your number will look like the example on the right.  After July 1, 2018 your number will look like the example on the left.

​​​​​Please read carefully and don't forget to come back and register after Pre-Applying at DOL!

STEP 1- Pre Apply @

Do you have a WA state issued ID card, Enhanced ID card or your permit already? 

NO- You will need to pre-apply at the Department of Licensing website and receive your permit/license number?  (Your permit/license starts with WDL and 10 additional letters and numbers- see examples below)  

YES-Move onto Step 2

The WDL number that you receive from the DOL website will need to be entered during the registration process in the license number field.

After Pre-Applying Make sure you come back and continue with our registration process.

STEP 2 - Document Review

Please read the following information before completing your registration.

1. Intermediate License Law

2. Living Legacy Organ Donation

3.NDS Policies and Expectations

STEP 3 - Register for Driver Education


Payment is not due until the first class.  Payment is not required at registration.

If you would like the option to pay now you are more than welcome -->

What NDS registration page looks like