Adult Lessons

1.  All lessons require a valid learner's permit OR current driver license.- 
You can take the written knowledge test at Nelson Driving School, LLC then go to the Department of License to obtain your actual permit. This must be done prior to scheduling drives with Nelson Driving School, LLC. 

2.  Complete registration for lessons - Once registered a packet will be sent to the email that you have registered with.  The packet requires an electronic signature.  Once signed an instructor will contact you for scheduling.  If you have trouble with the packet please email

3.  Payment - Payment will need to be completed prior to starting lessons and confirming scheduling.


If you have any questions regarding our Adult Driving program please use the contact form below.

​​Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. - "How many hours will it take for me to learn to drive?"

A. - Well, that depends on: prior experiences, prior driving related knowledge, attitude and dedication and opportunities to practice skills between lessons etc. Until an instructor has spent some time with the student behind the wheel it is hard to determine how long it might actually take.

Q. - "What if I don't pass the test?"

A. - Anyone can take the driving test at any time after passing the written exam. If, after lessons you don't pass the skills evaluation, you may choose to seek more lessons or practice time, or you may immediately retake the test. However, there will be a fee for each re-test.

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